Best Minecraft 1.18 & 1.19 Island Seeds

1st Feb, 2023

Best Minecraft 1.18 & 1.19 Island Seeds

Many types of Minecraft players love island biomes. They are used by survival players to provide a safe and secure introduction to any Minecraft world. They are often used by creative players to create themed scenarios and contraptions. They are also a unique setting for Adventure-mode players. We have compiled a list of the top Minecraft Island Seeds to use in your next Minecraft adventure.

Twin Village Island

This is a great starter island seed, with easy access to resources from 2 villages and an exposed mineshaft directly next to it. This is the best place to start if you want protection from the elements and mobs, but still want to be surrounded by villagers. Although there isn't much biome diversity around, the basic setup will allow you to prepare for any adventure. You don't have to jump into the mine shaft until you are ready. So, take a moment to enjoy this peaceful seed!

The Island Adventure

This amazing island seed will spawn you on an island that measures over 3k blocks high and 1.5k blocks wide. There are many biomes and helpful structures on the island. It is home to at least 5 villages and ancient cities, and is surrounded with dozens of Ocean Monuments. The island's middle is surrounded by a circle of mountains, which makes it a great spot for building a base.

Royalty Island

This is the ideal island seed for solo adventurers or social players who want to claim an island that was built for royalty. You can spawn on an island large enough to support multiple biomes. There is only one danger on this island: a lonely Outpost overlooking a beautiful Meadow. Start The Wilds update is now! Claim this mountain fit for royalty and make sure to stop by the starter village on your way down!

Old Lush Island

This island is not compatible with other island seeds, as it spawns in an Old Growth Spruce biome. This is a rare thing, but what really draws people to this seed is the underground generation. The Lush Cave is located inside the hollowed-out island. The cave also contains the pool naturally created with Axolotls, as shown in the above image!

Ancient Isle

This seed is for you if you enjoy a challenge and live on an island with a dark secret. Although you can't spawn directly on an island, a short boat ride will get you to a small island with mountains and hills. You can explore the jungle at spawn to find three Jungle Temples within 500 meters if you need resources before you head to your island home.

Biome War Island

You might be surprised to find that this seed can spawn you on an island even if you don't have an Overworld Map. It measures over 2,500 blocks in size, so it's quite the hike if your goal is to travel from end to end. This island has the most biomes and many overworld structures. There are also numerous Outposts and Villages scattered throughout this vast island. We don't know what they are fighting over, but we suspect the five Ancient Cities that lie beneath the island may have something to do. We'll only give you a few locations to start with, but you'll need to explore for the rest!

United Kingdom

Seed: -7096828587805744419

This seed is located on a large Plains Island with three Villages. Each Village is located in different locations on the island. It's not exactly the same as the United Kingdom, but it's easy to see the similarities. This is a great survival seed that has plenty of biomes and resources nearby. It also gives you the chance to play some real-world roleplaying!

Key LocationsVillage 48 -208
: -176 80
Village: 64 144
Ocean Monument: -360-392
Shipwreck: 248 104

Quaint Island

This seed is the epitome for the phrase "basic survival island". This seed is perfect for the Minecraft vanilla enthusiast who doesn't want to spend too much and just wants a relaxing survival experience on a small island. You will have the opportunity to spawn on an island with plenty of trees and a small community, so you can grow all the wood and crops you need to start your own community. This seed is also great if you want a small survival server to host with a few friends.

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