How to setup Minecraft server?

12th Jan, 2023

How to setup Minecraft server?

Many players join other servers. To build their Minecraft world, one can start their own server. Although it can be difficult to set up a server, players should read this article in order to get one started.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Players must first install the following software.

Since Minecraft and it's Minecraft servers run on Java, players must download the latest Java update. This file allows players to connect to each other's worlds. Players can refer to the video below for more information.

Step 2: Preparations

After installing Java and the Server, players need to verify that Java is working. You can do this by:

Once everything is in order, players can place the server file in a new folder on their desktop. It is a good idea to name the folder something that is related to Minecraft servers.

Run server.jar. You should now see some new files in the server folder.


You should find a file called “eula.txt”. Click on the file to change “eula=false” to “eula=true”. Save. This will enable the Minecraft server's to run.

Step 3: Networking

Now, a player can run their Minecraft server.

This video explains the following information about IP.

For later reference, players will need to record the IPv4 number and Default Gateway number in a separate document. This website will allow you to verify the IP address used by others to connect to the server. These IPs must be recorded somewhere. These numbers will be crucial.

Step 4: Perform a test

This is where you can join your server. If the connection succeeds, other users will be able join this server.

Step Five: Allow others to join

This server must be closed before Port Forwarding. The following steps can be used to forward port:

Once the player is logged in, he/she should be directed to a login page. It is best to find out how to port forward using the router you are using.

On the login page, enter the router username and password. Most users will use admin as their username and password.

You can find the rest of port forwarding in this KTaps video.

Step Six: Server properties

Go into the server folder of the port forwarding server and click on their server properties file. You can do this in the following manner.

Step Seven: Finally

Now the player can start their server and try to join it again. If all goes well, the public IP can be shared. Other players can join the server if port forwarding is done correctly.