Minecraft: Best Farms for XP

23rd Dec, 2022

Minecraft: Best Farms for XP

Minecraft's key gameplay feature is experience. There are no additional skills or abilities that can be unlocked, but experience points can be used to purchase powerful enchantments for gear, which can make it easier to fight stronger and more powerful mobs.

However, it is slow to gain experience. As with any other game process, players have found many ways to make it quick and efficient. These are just a few of the many ingenious Redstone or non-Redstone farms that can help anyone increase their experience.

Cave Spider Farm

There is a way to make a regular or cave spider farm work, and get a lot of experience points in Minecraft. This is especially useful because cave spider spawners can be found easily due to the abundance of abandoned mineshafts in Minecraft.

These materials are for two different farm designs from Kmond. The Cave Spider XP Farm is available up to version 1.17. and the Regular Spider Farm which also works up until version 1.17.

Automatic Fish Farm

A fish farm is a must-have because it doesn't take much resources. Although the xp is low, the process is easy and rewarding.

Portal Farm

You'll also get a ton of gold and a lot of xp. It is not easy to get resources for survival.

How to Make a Portal Farm

We don't know the farm's scale so we haven't added any quantities to the materials list. It is likely to be scaleable in that the portals could be reduced.

Bedrock Charcoal Farm

This charcoal xp farm design is flexible and can be made large or small. It also has the advantage that it uses a resource that is usually readily available.

How to Make a Charcoal XP Farm

One thing to keep in mind is that the furnace runs on wood, so you will need to have a lot of wood to get this level of xp.

Piglin Bartering Farm

These farms offer a large amount of xp and a wide range of materials. This is because the farm produces gold and xp, which are then used to trade with Piglins for various items.

How to Build a Piglin Bartering farm

Raid Farm

These farms are easy to build and can yield incredibly valuable emeralds or totems of undying. You will also receive more crossbows that you know how to use.

How to Build a Raid Farm

Mob Spawner Farm

Most spawner farms operate on the simple principle that you trap the mobs in one location so you can safely kill them and gain exp.

How to Build a Mob Spawner Farm

Because spiders can climb walls, it will be harder to trap them. They are best contained in the spider-specific farms mentioned earlier. Kmond has created a fantastic design.

Gold Farm

This farm is a great way to earn a lot of xp, and although it takes a lot of resources, it's easy to build.

How to Build a Gold Farm

The Nether roof is essentially a large flat area made from bedrock. This material is inaccessible to mobs. Any other block placed has a high chance of spawning nether mobs. This makes it easy to adjust spawn rates for XP farm spawn rates. RandomGgames creates a great experience and gold farm with very few materials.

Stone XP Farm

A simple stone XP farm with furnaces is enough to provide a single player survival world.

How to Build a Stone XP Farm

WaffleNite has a simple design that you can easily replicate.

Classic Mob Farm

It requires a lot of stone and a high height to build on, but it can give you a lot of experience points as well as useful drops.

How to Build A Classic Mob Farm

Voltrox's design perfectly demonstrates the strength of the simple but iconic Minecraft XP farm.

Kelp XP Farm

How to Build a Kelp Farm

Blaze Farm

You will need to have a lot of blaze rods if you want to try potions and brewing. You can get them safely and gain some xp from this farm.

Items Required for A Blaze Farm

There are many ways to create blaze xp farms in Minecraft. However, it is best to choose a spawner with a lot of natural cover so that building around it doesn't become a chore and could even save the player's life. Voltrox's design is very simple and easy to follow.

Guardian Farm

However, building a guardian plant is a huge undertaking, as most designs require the entire ocean monument to be drained.

How to Build a Guardian Farm

You will also get a ton of cod and materials to make prismarine, its variants, and sea lanterns.