Minecraft House Ideas

13th Dec, 2022

Minecraft House Ideas

It's not difficult to imagine Minecraft house designs to build, but it's much more difficult to create one from scratch.

The internet is a vast resource that contains thousands upon thousands of Minecraft houses. I've compiled 50 of the most inspiring house ideas using the creativity of Minecraft's top builders.

You can say goodbye to boring Log, Cobblestone, or Dirt house designs. Instead, you can look forward to amazing Minecraft mansion ideas and cute Minecraft homes.

Our list is updated monthly so make sure to check back often for new ideas. You can also see some older Minecraft house ideas at bottom of the article.

Wooden Survival House

This simple, yet charming home has many elements that work well together.

The Stone Brick and Cobblestone block placements are also worth mentioning! It gives the house a safe and slightly intimidating feel.

Modern House

It uses both normal and dark Quartz blocks to disguise the use of easy-to-find wooden blocks in this Minecraft house build. The logs are not a detriment. This just shows that with the right planning, you can make any project look great. You need the right blocks, of course!

Aquarium House

The aquarium is a perfect fit for the house's aesthetic. Modern-looking aquarium home features an ascending front-door staircase, lush and well-tended garden plants, and a remarkable contrast between gray, white, or black.

Here are some furniture pieces that can be used to enhance your home, including aquariums.

Modern Treehouse

6tenstudio's Modern Treehouse combines the beauty of the forest with the luxury and beauty of modern living. This Minecraft house build includes everything you need: hanging lamps, natural roofing, modern furniture, and more.

The working elevator that takes you from floor to level is something you might not be able to see in the above picture. Pretty neat, if you ask me!

Two-Floor Wooden House

The home's elements are exquisite, from the outdoor second floor, to the crisscross fence at the first floor entryway, to its well-placed lamps. This home is simply amazing.

Squid Game House

HALNY's Squid Game House features the iconic triangle, square, and circle symbols that many consider synonymous with the series's designs. Although you won't be running into robotic little girls or jumping on dangerous glass bridges within these cubic structures, you can design the interior of this space however your heart desires.

Wooden Modern House

The exterior gives you a glimpse at the plant haven. This is one of the more unique Minecraft modern house designs that uses only wooden blocks and plant life. It looks great, let me tell ya.

Underground House

This circular fortress, which was built underground, is divided into four equal spaces. It's a refreshing change from the typical two-story Minecraft home. The symmetrical circular wonder is stunning from the sky. We can only imagine how beautiful it is to gaze up at the sky at night.

Modern Villa House

This modern villa is characterized by a white Quartz exterior and black outline edges. It's definitely not something anyone would think of on a whim.

Beach House

If those desires weren't tied behind a videogame, this is what I would like you to hear. It's a start, you know.

This house design Minecraft makes for a great tropical build, provided you spawn near the open water. It's easy to be in awe at the vast open Minecraft sea if you do your research and install the right mods.

Underwater Modern House

If you want to see the outside, climb up to the top floor to enjoy a magnificent view of the ocean waves from all four corners. It would take courage to build this structure - I can imagine you staying there at night without any island in sight. Shudders!

Modern City House

Concrete blocks are a good choice for creating estate-like properties. This is one of the Minecraft house ideas that will inspire you if you are planning to build a city.

Oak Survival House

This is one of those amazing Minecraft house designs that requires very little resources. There are many sets of stairs connecting different areas of the house to the stilts or hedges. You only need wooden planks and items made from those planks. There are many of them.

Pirate Base House

This home is built on top of seawater or close to it. It looks almost like a pirate ship. It is unique in that no other home has a similar shape to it. This makes it worth trying if you want your home to stand out. It even has a black flag at the top.

This is one of the most terrifying Minecraft house ideas. It features wood planks, panels, and other decorative blocks.

Modern House

The home feels like a cozy, simple place to return to after a day of exploration. You can take a dip in our infinity pool, or relax in our outdoor lounge. Either way, you will feel relaxed in one of the most beautiful Minecraft houses you'll ever see.

Luxury Modern House

It's amazing! This house is perfect for a game night with friends. This Luxury Modern House by OSHACRA, a continuation of the luxurious Minecraft mansions is quite eye-catching. This establishment includes a cozy pool area, a beautiful marble walkway, and a warm-toned second-floor interior.

Water Modern House

To get through the house, you will need to hop over elevated platforms once you enter. (Otherwise, you'd get wet!) Although the house design is simple and flat, it gives off a handsome appearance with its sleek black-white wall color combinations.

Treehouse House

Typface's Treehouse House lets you live your dream with a 360 degree view of the surrounding forest. The woodwork is beautiful, the roofing is thematic and the height gives you the perfect height for looking down at the mobs trying to get one over you.

This treehouse could be the ideal source material to build a home for a village tribe. Simple and comfortable.

Underground Survival House

It takes creativity and minimalism to make the most of such a small space and make it look beautiful. This design does just that, and more!

It includes Stone Slabs and Skinned wood, Glass Panes and some Tree Leaves. For me, I would either stay in this place or convert it into storage.

Epic Modern House

If you ask me, a lawn with a garden and sun lounge is a sweet deal. The forest's dominant backdrop of lush greenery is complemented by the striking white wall. It's quite beautiful to see.

Smallest Modern House

This house's pride and joy is its use of only Quartz blocks and a few decorative items. It has only the essentials to keep the mobs away at night. It looks like a star, despite its small stature.

The smallest house, especially in PVP mode, is a great way to see the limits of eye-catching design.

Mountain House

The circular windows allow for natural sunlight and provide a great view of the outdoors. The interior view is stunning, thanks to well-lit ceilings and a few cabin furniture pieces.

This unique take on mountain Minecraft mansions is sure to impress, regardless of whether you're using Minecraft 1.18 or another version.

Mountain Vine House

The place is surrounded by vines and wooden planks, giving it a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. The decking and overall build design are complemented by the wheat fields, which allows players to enjoy a stylish yet practical view from their home.

This is one of my favorite Minecraft house ideas. I want to take lots of photos!

Japanese House

This Minecraft build inspiration is sure to be a lot fun to boast about, from the perfectly-fitting foliage to Japanese-style light sources.

Modern Mansion House

Is it possible to build on the side of a cliff so close to falling over? Now you speak my language.

This Modern Mansion House by Random Steve Guy is a Minecraft house idea you will enjoy creating if you live life on the edge.

It uses concrete blocks and some black inner blocks. It is usually small, but that doesn't stop you from creating your own unique Minecraft modern house design.

Large Japanese House

It's quite hidden too. It's perfect for players who want to remain under the radar and live a simple life, without distractions.

Underwater Mountain House

This Underwater Mountain House by Zaypixel is a great idea that combines the best of both worlds.

This home is similar to the mountain house that was previously shown. It is constructed by digging through layers and stones. It's only this time that it's underwater.

This build idea can be used to create a safe haven or cozy viewing deck. You can either watch the fish swim by your windows or drive off Drowned. You have the option!

Waterfall Modern House

This cube-shaped structure is made of water and leaves behind a dark blue stream. It is enclosed in a neat Quartz block exterior wall.

Although it looks like it's floating in mid-air, or jutting out from the cliff, you can still recreate the build on the ground or in designated areas as you wish.

Spruce House

This design can be replicated easily with the right materials, from its Spruce wooden slabs to the Cobblestone roof.

You can always replace Spruce with Acacia or Oak if you don't like it!

Desert House for Leatherworkers

BlueBits' Leatherworker Desert House is an example of the former. This simple design is made with Wooden fences and Sandstone. Acacia planks are also used. However, these parts can be replaced depending on what's in stock.

The Acacia orange contrasts with the pale yellow sand in a desert is a welcoming and sophisticated touch. It's better than staying in the heat all day.

Modern Pink House

This design can be made in 1.18 using pink concrete blocks. You can replace them with any concrete color you prefer (assuming you have the correct materials), but this design is stunning.

Modern Blue House

This design stands out thanks to its simple, yet effective combination of blue and white. This design is also enhanced by the addition of decorative elements such as the chairs and poolside table.

This is a great resource for anyone looking for more Minecraft house ideas.

Snowy Tundra Cabin House

This building has a Stone Brick pyramid-shaped outside and looks cozy and warm inside.

The inside of the home is decorated with hay bales and sweet berry bush.

Medieval Mansion House

This Minecraft house idea is high-end and elegant. It features an ornate stone brick, which looks great with the brown/white color scheme.

This is the best choice for your medieval-themed town if you are looking for something large.

Beautiful Pink House

This build also features glass panes and white concrete blocks, plants, and a few wooden roof elements. You can replace the pink blocks with any color you like.

Large Modern House

The architecture inside is so professional and thought-provoking that it almost looks like the screenshot was taken in a different game!

This build will require you to search for many shaders and mods. Even if it takes hours to search, the result you get will be worth it.

Maximalist Modern House

This home looks amazing overlooking a lake. The only problem is that the garden in this home is a bit sparse. Check out these Minecraft garden ideas to make the place even more beautiful.

Luxury Villa House

This modern villa house is beautiful enough to be used as a vacation home. This design is considered one of the best Minecraft house designs. It features connected rooms, a swimmingpool, and a sun lounge that's perfectly placed.

Although the color scheme has been tested and proven to be effective countless times, it's still worthy of being included on the list.

Japanese Compound House

Before you can enter the establishment, you will need to pass through a structure that has curvy, elongated roof edges. This structure is already striking you with the iconic Japanese culture air.

You will then be taken to a courtyard, where you can explore the Japanese-themed area as you wish. You can also take a break by going outside to a tranquil bamboo garden, where you can meditate and take a walk.

Spruce Wood House

This guide contains building tips and house designs that Minecraft creators have created.

Mountainside Castle House

BigTonyMC's Mountainside Castle House is made from Stone Brick and Black Stone blocks. It looks like a castle, with its tall towers and high walls.

Although the roof might not be as impressive as castles, there are other elements that make this build worthy of being on this list. These include a large garden, several large rooms, and extra-fortified defense against mountain threats.

Fairytale Cottage House

The cottage is decorated with pink themed palettes, some overgrown flowers, and even a watchtower. This adorable little home has a rustic feel thanks to the forest surrounding it.

This is the perfect place to go after a long day of exploring the outdoors, and to enjoy a relaxing time with some flowers or a bridge.

Librarian Desert House

To build this house, you will need 188 pieces Terracotta, 160 Cut Sandstone, 103 Spruce plansks, 80 Dark Oak planks, and 168 Cut Sandstone. For a complete list, see the video linked above.

You might also find inspiration in our article on cool Minecraft homes for your Minecraft animals.

Ultimate Survival House

This article contains a complete list of cool background images for Minecraft.

Large Spruce Mansion House

Folli's Large Spruce Mansion House is a remarkable feat of engineering. It uses the most common materials and creates a stunning two-story home. The area is lit by lamps to make it more welcoming, aside from the Cobblestone and Wooden materials.

Woodland Mansion House

BigTonyMC's Woodland Mansion House closely imitates a castle, with a turret that juts out of the wooden roof.

Although some might argue that it looks more like an inn than a castle this is my opinion.

Large Oak Survival House

Folli's Large Oak Survival House can help you achieve your goal. It features walls at all four corners, watchtowers and a gated entry. This Minecraft house idea will keep you safe and secure like none other.

Although some of these features might seem excessive, when a mob runs amok with zombies, who is really going to make it out alive?

Simple Wooden House

Exterior features include several lamps. Interior is lit by natural sunlight through the tall Glass Pane windows.

Hanging vines on the balcony add a nice touch to this design. This adds a decorative touch to your home, especially when it is paired with the dominant brown colors. This house is a Minecraft base and looks cozy and secure. This house is perfect to return to after a long day of exploring.

Desert Village House

Prismarine Walls and Slabs create a bold, imaginative design that stands out against the sea of sand surrounding the four corners of this desert-built smack-at the-middle.

The exterior is completed with bricks, sandstone, iron bars, and Acacia planks. This gives the place an exotic and abandoned feel.

Medieval House

A section of the home also doubles as a watchtower-slash attic. This Minecraft house design is a great base for your group of friends in PVE maps.