Minecraft Keyboard and Mouse Controls

2nd Dec, 2022

Minecraft Keyboard and Mouse Controls

This article will discuss

Moving around Minecraft
Mouse controls
Other useful buttons
Change settings
Additional resources

Moving around Minecraft

A - Strafe left

S – Move back

D - Strafe right



- Press the space bar to jump when you are walking.
- Press space bar and W simultaneously to jump to the block in front. This is a great way to move up stairs.

- Hint To take a deep breath, use the space bar.

These tips will help you get to your destination quickly: - Press the space bar again and you'll lift upwards.
To return to the ground, press the space bar twice more.


- Press shift when you are on the ground to crouch down and sneak.
- Press shift to fly down when in the air (Creative Mode).

Mouse controls

2 - Pick block. In Creative mode, "2” will place a copy the target block in your Hotbar.

3: Use item/placement block

Other useful buttons

Q – Drops the item that you are carrying.

E - Opens and closes the inventory. This mode allows you to view all of the building blocks available to you.

C - Opens Code Builder.

T - Opens the chat screen. To send a message, press RETURN.

/ - Opens a chat window with a / already entered. This allows you to quickly enter commands.

1-9: Selects the Hotbar's appropriate slot.

F1 - Changes the interface visibility This is useful if you need to take a picture.

F5 - Changes your player perspective. Toggle to choose from the following: Third Person Rear – First Person - Third Personne - Back to First Person

Change settings

ESC to return the menu
Select Settings
Scroll down to Controls, and click on the interface you desire.
Modify as necessary - If you make a mistake, or want to go back to the beginning of the list, you will find the reset button. This will allow you to change everything again.
- The settings are automatically updated, so there's no need to save. Find out what works for you!