Minecraft now August

23rd Nov, 2022

Minecraft now August

Minecraft Now August will be live later today. This will give players another opportunity to meet the people behind the sandbox game and allow them to choose their favorite boss. The guests will be competing against either The Ender Dragon, or The Wither. The viewers will decide which one.

In previous videos, we have seen new Minecraft mobs and the voting process led to us all meeting the Allay. Although today's version is not as robust, it's still a fun way to spend time and entertain.

How to watch Minecraft Now August from anywhere and everywhere

Minecraft Preview is a new version of the Bedrock Beta program. It will not be limited to specific platforms but will eventually be expanded to other places. This will allow more players to participate in future previews and events. It's great to see more integration across platforms and more inclusivity, especially since there are so many versions of Minecraft.