Survival Minecraft servers

3rd Nov, 2022

Survival Minecraft servers

Minecraft Survival is most likely how Notch imagined Minecraft multiplayer when he introduced the feature to the game more than 10 years ago.

Minecraft survival servers can either stay true to the original game or implement their own twists using server-side plugins.

This article will highlight the best Minecraft survival server Java editions. There are a variety of servers, from pure vanilla survival to highly modified servers that try to improve the beloved game mode.

Best Minecraft Survival servers for Java edition

(NOTE: Servers can't be ranked in any specific order.


SimpleSurvival, a friendly and fun server, primarily focuses its efforts on vanilla 1.16 survival. There are a few plugins that can be added to the server to improve gameplay, but they still keep it simple.

This server is perfect for those who want a more relaxed and casual Minecraft survival server. SimpleSurvival is full of people who are open to all.


Purple Prison is a modified survival-esque Minecraft server. Purple Prison is a low-ranking server. To escape Purple Prison and to be able to live in a survival-based world, they must increase their level. It's an incredible experience to see the server and concept. PvP is a very active part.

Purple Prison has a high uptime of more than 6 years, and hundreds of players return daily. The server is up and running so players can feel confident in investing their time here.


AppleCraft is a semi-vanilla-focused survival server that runs on 1.16. There are plugins available to improve the default vanilla experience.

AppleCraft uses several plugins to improve survival, including land protection (to prevent griefing), universal /spawn commands and a sethome command to allow players to return to their homes easily. Everything else is vanilla Minecraft.


MineWind is another survival server that runs on 1.16. This server attempts to be as faithful as possible to the default vanilla Minecraft game mode, without using plugins.

MineWind's unique feature is that there are no admins, moderators or staff. The server allows everyone to do what they want. There is no restriction on cheating.


SurviveWithUs, a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival servers, has many features that make it stand out from the rest. Some of the key features are weekly events, custom bosses and quests as well as trading.

It also claims that the server “never resets”. Users can therefore rest assured that all their work will not be lost.


Aspira MC, a Minecraft survival server that has been around for over 8 years, is still going strong. It has some truly amazing builds and has a no-griefing policy.

The AspiraMC server adds some unique twists to the traditional survival mode, including Jobs, Duels and a custom “coins” system that can be used in-game as a bartering tool.


MoxMC is a chilled and laid-back Minecraft server that features vanilla survival elements. Players can create and manage their own towns or join one (with the approval of the mayor).

The server doesn't take itself too seriously. The tight-knit community is full memes and inside jokes.


OhhGee, a dedicated Minecraft server, attempts to bring long-time Minecraft users back to 2012, imitating popular land-claiming techniques of early survival servers.

The OhhGee server doesn't have a lot of unnecessary and modern features, like its peers. There are a few community warps and land-claiming to defend builds on the server. Everything else is pretty vanilla.


EarthMC is an amazing concept and deserves to be on this list. This server is a sandbox survival game world, which has been translated from the original game.

EarthMC allows players the ability to create and manage their own countries, and engage in geopolitical relations with one another within the blocky world of Minecraft. The server currently hosts over 2000 towns, and it is growing.


Vulengate is a community-focused Minecraft survival server. The 'keep inventory” setting is enabled. This means that players who die do not lose anything; everything is restored to them upon their respawn. This gameplay design is bold, but it will appeal to some players.

Vulengate offers a community-driven economic system with custom shops that players can create and popular plugins like mcMMO for their enjoyment.